unlink nnid from emunand

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  1. Zabhahs

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    Im switching from emunand to a9lh, and want to keep my nnid with all my digital games on it. So it seems that to unlink my nnid i have to
    A. Delete it entirely (as seen in the system menu in the nnid settings)
    B. Format my 3ds (but what does system formatting an emunand do? does it mess it up?)
    C. Call nintendo and have them unlink it (IDK if they would unlink it for me to use on al9h though, and i dont know what i could say to make them unlink it)

    Thanks in advance:yay3ds:
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  2. bahamut920

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    Jan 23, 2009
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    You shouldn't need to format at all. You can simply back up your EmuNAND and restore it to SysNAND, AFAIK. Both Hourglass9 and Decrypt9 can do it, and Emunand9 has an option to swap your NANDs any way you please, IIRC.
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