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Mar 16, 2011
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So I own 1 New 3DS LL(Japan) with an NNID linked to it, and my Japanese Nintendo account. Then I have a New 2DS LL with an NNID that I created on this console and it is linked to the 2DS LL, but it doesn't seem to be linked to my Nintendo account. Now, I know that you probably can't have 2 NNIDs linked to the same Nintendo account, so I have attempted to link my more recent 2DS LL NNID to my Nintendo account by unlinking the 3DS LL NNID first. But when I try linking the 2DS LL NNID to my account, I get an authentication error screen or something. Is it possible to change out NNIDs on my 1 Nintendo account? Or, do I have to create a whole other Nintendo account for say, my 2DS LL with the new NNID linked?

The purpose for me doing this is that I have downloaded Pokemon Bank on my newer 2DS LL, and I am trying to get a pass from within the Bank to get Poke Transporter legitimately. Even though both of my consoles have Luma CFW. I am aware it will be free after the shop closes, but am hesitant on getting the pass after that date. Anyway, I also need to add an eShop prepaid card to my 2DS LL for the pass, and maybe Pokemon Crystal version, before the shop closes. I heard that you can't directly add funds on the 3DS eShop through the console anymore, but you can do it through your Nintendo account. Again, the funds would end up going to my older 3DS LL's eShop in this case. But, I want to add them to my 2DS LL's eShop instead. Like I said before, I am unable to link the new 2DS LL's NNID to my 1 Nintendo account after unlinking the 3DS LL's NNID. If I could, the funds could be transferred into my 2DS LL. An option I thought of is adding the funds to my 3DS LL and doing a system transfer to my 2DS LL. But, wouldn't that overwrite my new NNID? I would like to keep that name instead. Or just creating another account for my 2DS LL, but it's kind of a hassle to have 2 accounts.

I hope this makes sense. Sorry for the long post. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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