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    It feels weird for me to ask this in a gaming forum but I figure it's worth a shot.

    First off, I'm a student at the University of Houston (Houston, Texas, USA). I have not been too happy with the school so far.

    Anyway, I'm looking to specialize in Computer Networking/Security/Forensics etc.

    There are many online universities available, in fact one of my good friends from high school is at the American InterContinental University Online doing network security stuff and seems to enjoy it. It sounds great and I've talked to his adviser but my biggest fear is that after I spend all that time and money in an online university that I would have trouble finding a job because they would hold "traditional" universities in a better light

    I'd prefer not to just be a computer science major, because that's what I've been doing, and the curriculum (at least at UH) mostly focuses on programming...which is fine and good but I don't want to be a programmer for a living. (But I know that basic programming knowledge is good to have)

    I'm willing to go anywhere in the world to get the education I need to make this goal of mine a reality. Do you GBAtempers have any recommendations for or against any particular school? Any knowledge on the creditability of online universities?

    Thank you much :)
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    I can not help you with your main problem but stuff like online degrees and in the UK the open university is usually taken alongside a real job and a lot of employers I have met have some respect for doing two things rather than essentially turning up for a few hours a day for a couple of years.

    The good thing about computing as well is that you can make up a nice portfolio quite easily.
    I dare say though the sort of thing you are after will probably have a fairly large chunk of the course focused on low level hardware and protocol implementation: