Unbick wii has priiloader and can get to hbc

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    Apr 20, 2014
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    Hello i am new to the forum as a member but have used it many times in the past for info.

    I have a wii that seems to have bricked its self, it started to go in odd stages, 1st was crashing with gc games, now i have the health screen /corrupt screen error.
    I have not changed anything on the wii for over a year so i dont know what triggered the issue.

    looks like this maybe my issue as i see this "If you can see the health screen, you are likely bannerbricked as well. You must uninstall the bad banner to fix your issue."
    how would i find the bad banner?

    i can use priiloader and access the hbc, plus i have a full nand dump from the 2010 lol...what is the easiest steps to replace what went bad and maybe keep all my custom installed files if possible.

    was looking at this guide http://www.hacksden.com/showthread.php/250-Brick-FIX-Any-Wii-Guide
    this part had me freaked a little... Note- Priiloader is installed into the system menu and runs on the system ios. Installing or removing the system menu will also remove priiloader.
    i dont want to lose priiload if i mess it up, and have less of a chance for recovery.

    Thanks for any help