Hacking [Tutorial/Guide] How to set up a R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2020 Flashcard

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This only Guide applies if you own this flashcard!

Every R4 manufactured today is a clone (copy, using just the name, etc).
The R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2020 Flashcard has a timebomb! If you want to bypass the timebomb then STOP right here and now and follow this guide: https://gbatemp.net/threads/retrogamefan-updates-releases.267243/
You may be wondering what a timebomb is?
A timebomb is a method to "softbrick" your cart after a certain date. You can avoid it by either putting ysmenu as your kernel or rolling back the clock on your 3DS / DS(I) this only affects r4isdhc.com carts that are 2014 and higher!
If you are unsure whether your R4 flash card has a timebomb then follow these instructions:

If you still want to continue then follow the instructions below!

Step 1: preparation - What you Need!

Step 2: Set up the R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2020 Flashcard!

1. After you have downloaded the latest R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2020 firmware ( R4i-V4.0b [The language you chose].zip ) from http://www.r4isdhc.com/2014-r4isdhc-gold-pro/, unzip it on your PC / laptop
2. Move the unzipped files of the ZIP file to the root directory of your Micro SD card

  • " moonmemo "
  • " moonshl2 "
  • " R4iMenu "
  • " R4.dat "
The root directory of your Micro SD card should now look like this:

3. Congratulations! You're done! Now you can put homebrew, games etc. on the root directory of your Micro SD card and insert them into the R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2020 Flashcard and get started right away! (Information: The R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2020 Flashcard can only display 300 games / homebrew applications, games etc. at once)

Release date and time: 29.07.2020 - 21:44
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Oct 24, 2021
for some reason this doesnt seem to work for me. i did all the steps and once i load up my r4 card on my 3ds XL it displays a blank screen with a ? and underneath that it says menu


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Feb 3, 2020
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