TouchPod OS skinning hates me.

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Dracophile, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Jun 20, 2011
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    This is driving me crazy, I've searched online for solutions and stuff but can't find one. I'm working on a skin for my NDS (TouchPod OS, M3i Zero cart) and I cannot get top_desktop.bmp to work. I know the requirements are 8-bit BMP, I've done this. I've exported the image both from Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop as 8-bit BMPs. I've also done the trick where you save it as a GIF first and then convert it to BMP. It never works. It just displays the picture on the top screen and then the bottom screen becomes a garbled mess of lines and colors and is rendered useless. I do not know what the problem is.

    Perhaps even more infuriating is that I've made a custom skin for this stupid thing before (about a year ago) and it worked seamlessly. I cannot remember how or what I did. I designed both desktop images in Adobe Flash, I know that much, because I have the FLA of the original desktop on my old computer.

    Here's the picture I'm trying to get to work:

    And just to show I'm not crazy, here's the new desktop Properties tab beside the one from my old skin (old on the right, new on the left):

    Here's the tricks I've done:
    1. Saved as a GIF to force 8-bit, then converted to BMP.
    2. Imported into Photoshop and saved as 8-bit BMP.
    3. Opened with Flash and saved as 8-bit BMP.
    4. Converted the source images to 8-bits and then recreated the entire image in Flash again and exported as 8-bit.
    5. Opened up my OLD desktop in Photoshop and pasted the new image on top of it and saved it.

    None of them have worked.

    Any solutions? I tried using the Sakura OS but the skinning is totally different and I've already finished up most of the icon set for this one. I've been using TouchPod OS for about a year now.
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