Theory for essentially streetpassing with people online for KI:U.

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    Question #1: Does this work for KI:U

    If so, shouldn't it be possible to copy your save file, put in someone else's and set a weapon of theirs to your 3ds' streetpass. Then put your save back in, and streetpass to another 3ds to get the weapon from another save file onto yours?
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    I forgot
    AFAIK you can't dump any saves past...Super Mario Land 3D I think, because of a change in the encryption. I could be wrong though...
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    I did this with DQIX though, but yes, i think without the ability to rip and inject save files, it's not quite doable. Plus, there's the problem with potential incompatibilities with the save file and the 3DS' mii/friendcode/settings/etc., which could end up resetting stuff on the save file.