The "Unofficial rant of why games aren't translated" gam

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    I thought of this game after a user complained about a game not being translated *cough* OSS *cough*. Basically to play all you need to include is:

    Name: Insert game name here.
    System: Insert system, GBA, NDS, PSP, PSX, etc.
    Description: Description of game.
    Reasons: Why the game wasn't officially translated, poor sales, too "cultured", Bamco being...,etc.
    Thoughts: Your thoughts on gameplay.

    a. Games are not only limited to NDS, which means you are free to include games from other system.
    b. Sarcasm can be used, but remember to add a sarcasm tag "/sarcasm"
    c. Games that were unofficially translated can also be used.
    d. No double posting, which means that you can't post another game after you just posted.
    e. Including box art of game is optional.
    f. To exaggerate or over dramatized something, be sure to bold it.

    I'll start with...

    Name: Megaman Operation Shooting Star
    System: NDS
    Description: A remake of the original Megaman Battle Network 1 with a bonus plot related to Megaman Starforce. The game was also bundled together with a mug that did something.
    Reasons: The game sold terribly in Japan. So terrible that the game wasn't brought to the States, for the fact that it might offend the fanbase there. /sarcasm
    Thoughts: OMG!! Remake of BN1! Replaying the game with the same plot, recollecting all 176 chips with 5 new chips and 2 PA!!!! /sarcasm

    Ladies and gentleman, you may begin~
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