The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been delayed to 2020

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    You should see Street Fighter. The chronology goes, until 6 and 7 come out (just because you know they're coming, got to make this post age well somehow!):

    Street Fighter
    Street Fighter Alpha games, with Alpha 2 kind of replacing whatever canon Alpha 1 has. Just so you know, these games are called Street Fighter Zero in Japan.
    Street Fighter 2/Super Street Fighter 2
    All of the Street Fighter 4's
    Street Fighter 5
    Street Fighter 3

    Where does Street Fighter EX fall? Nowhere, as it's not entirely owned by Capcom and some of the characters were owned by Arika. I've heard it said that Arika wanted to make their own game (and they eventually did, and it was called...Fighting Layer. No EX, just Fighting Layer, which was an arcade game that plays nothing like the current game, who's only claim to relevance is that it has Terry Bogard a year after release and features PS1 animations on HD models with HD textures on backgrounds that don't camoflauge the 2.5D of the game very well last I saw the game), and they initially wanted to just have Ryu and Ken as guest characters as evidenced by an early build of the game featuring only them as characters from Street Fighter, but then they decided to make it a Street Fighter game in 3D because it was the 90's, and 3D in video games was all the rage in arcades back in the day.

    Honestly, outside of Resident Evil, Mega Man could also be confusing to a newcomer. You have the Megaman Zero games, then, by your logic, it should be Megaman, and then Megaman X, right? But no, it's Megaman, Megaman X, with Megaman Zero being after X5, even though they continued on to make 4 more games, one of them being an RPG spin-off made by the Breath of Fire team, that break the ending of X5 which was intended to transition to Zero, with X6's Zero ending with him being put to sleep in preparation for the Zero games when there's two more games with Zero alive and kicking.

    Long story short, Capcom doesn't give a fuck about your chronology erection!
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    Hopefully gets delayed to eternity.
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    That might be the case, however the fans have spoken, and the people do actually prefer a game asset with fur, over an ultra-realistic Sonic human with down syndrome.
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    A fan edit.

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    inside your crappy old PC
    Paramount hire this guy who edited your trailer this is how sonic should look