The First DSi Flashcard comes from Acekard 2i

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  1. tangyi

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    Sep 3, 2008
    Today the Chinese DS flashcard team Acekard releases their newest tech on DSi hacking, with the code name Acekard 2i. The introduction of 2i is really similar to Acekard 2, in other words, it achieve the most of fuctions its predecessor does. Here is a choice extract from official site.

    ~ Original cart size, simple plug and play, no passme or flashed NDS needed
    ~ Support DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS and IDS
    ~ Perfect compatibility
    ~ Support Homebrew programs/games
    ~ Support Action Reply cheats. Build-in editor
    ~ Built in “Trimming” Function
    ~ Perfect UI
    ~ Support soft-reset, Download play and WIFI playing
    ~ Directly read TXT files and play MP3 files

    To sum up, DSi falls into line with the majority. We know the day would come when DSi was announced, it’s just need time to wait. Now here comes, why hesitate?

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    This must be like fifth topic about this very same thing......[​IMG]
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