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    I've got a question regarding the perfect pitch bean (chin music). Correction on the game title--The Bigs 2

    First off..relax. It's a video game, and a useful tactical tool when used with a pickoff afterwards.

    So, with that out of the way..I know holding down RB and releasing at the perfect pitch point beans the batter. I've read elsewhere that there is another button combination that provides an even more damaging bean. There seems to be conflicting answers as to what this combination is. I also know you are only allowed 3 "normal" bean attempts.

    So far, I've found that when throwing a pitch, release that pitch button at the perfect point (X, for example, and pitch MUST be perfect), press that SAME pitch button again (X here) when the "PERFECT!" changes color.

    Something definitely happens at this point, might be related to this supposed "super bean" if you will, might be nothing but extra show.

    Anybody have the missing key here?
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