Syncing problems with Rockband 2

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    I got a new copy of Rockband 2 for Christmas and I played it at my cousin's home on his wii, when I got home, I wanted to play it on mine but it wouldnt work. I left the disc at his home but I only brought back the instruments. I downloaded the Rockband iso and used the gamma backup loader to run Rockband 2. I couldnt connect my instruments on it, but it worked before on my cousin's wii. The button is lit up (blue) on guitar and drums, but the 4 lights (like for the player) is not lit up so you cant use the drums or the guitar in the game (only the mic or wii remote). My system is 3.2U. Is there a way to fix this, or do I have to go to by cousin's house to play Rockband 2?
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    update with guitar hero world tour first. if you are not using amodchip, try to get your original rb2 back.
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    or read my post