STyxds - if you have working, *please* help

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    May 17, 2008
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    There's feck all documentation on the web on this one ...

    After 2 hours trawling the net I've finally found that the tos file simply has to be renamed - not extracted.

    Am currently using 1.02fr, as per the author.

    All is going according to plan until I hit select to define keys.. No matter what option I select, it displays 4 bombs on the top screen and the only way to proceed is to select restart computer.

    I figure, if it does work (haven't seen it confirmed), it's prolly one of the following:
    a) TOS file I'm using
    b) Possible problem with my cart - m3 Perfect, slot 2

    If you have anything to contribute, pls do so. Been at this for ages ... [​IMG]

    Oh.. disk I'm using is no 97 I think.. The one with OIDS

    And using emulator ver 0.2a