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June 8, 2007
Well, my day started off by finding out that office supplies is now maintained by a whole 2 people. Me and another guy. The third guy we had no-called/no-showed on Tuesday and Wednesday and then one of the managers ran into him at the supermarket and apparently he got another job and they wanted him to start right away. Thanks for calling and informing us jerk. Man, that guy hardly did anything anyway and would often no-call/no-show saying he was on his deathbed and was too weak to pick up the phone. Office supplies used to have 4-5 guys at any one time, but in the last 3 months, 8 people have quit (not all from office supplies).

Man: I'm looking for soft-gloss matte photo paper.
Me: Um...both of those or is that one thing?
Man: It's one thing.
Me: That doesn't exist.
Man: Yeah it does, it's what I bought last time.
Me: Soft gloss is a light gloss and matte means no gloss, it can't be both.
Man: Well then what did I buy?
Me: I don't know.
Man: Fine, I guess I need semi-gloss then.
Me: Do you know which brand your looking for?
Man: I think it was HP.
Me: HP doesn't have a soft-gloss, they call theirs semi-gloss.
Man: No, it was soft-gloss.
Me: Okay, so it wasn't HP then.
Man: Maybe it was your brand.
Me: We also don't have soft-gloss. Ours is called satin.
Man: Well who has soft-gloss then.
Me: Kodak does.
Man: No, it wasn't Kodak.
Me: Then we don't have what you want.
Man: But I bought it here before.
Me: Well, the only soft-gloss we carry is Kodak brand. All the other brands have different names for it.
Man: Fine, I'll look elsewhere then.
Me: Have a good day.

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