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June 15, 2007
Thank goodness I didn't work when the district manager was here today. He was mad because the store looked horrible. The head of office supplies told me this was the conversation he had with the district manager:
District Manager: Why do you think office supplies is so messy?
Head Of Office Supplies: Because we only have TWO EMPLOYEES!
DM: And what were you doing when I came in today?
OS: Freight.
DM: That's not what I want you doing. Your the lead, you should be helping customers and delegating the work to your associates.
OS: What associates, I only have ONE GUY!
DM: I'm thinking of having you guys come in at 5 AM the day after freight comes and work on freight. You should be able to be done by 10 AM.
OS: And who would work in office supplies during the day when we are open then because we are already at 40 hours a week and you don't let us work overtime.
And it just went on from there. This is just ridiculous, we better get more people soon or the store is gonna become a real pig sty.

Guy: I need thermal cash register paper.
Me: Okay, what size?
Guy: I don't know.
Me: I can't help you if you don't know what size you need.
Guy: Umm...this one.
*Guy points to 2.25 inch paper.
Me: Okay, then this one here is the thermal version of that.
*Guy buys about 12 rolls of it and leaves. He then returns a few minutes later.
Guy: I got the wrong size, I need this.
*Guy hands me a roll of paper.
Me: Okay, this is 3 inch paper but it's not thermal.
Guy: But I need thermal.
Me: So you need this size, but in thermal then.
Guy: No, I need more of that roll I brought.
Me: What is this roll from?
Guy: It's what we use in the register.
Me: But it's not thermal. Thermal won't work in your register if this is what you use.
Guy: But I need more of this.
Me: We don't carry 3 inch thermal sir, just the normal kind.
Guy: Fine, I'll goto Office Max then.
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