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May 7, 2007
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So yeah There is stuff I need to ask

#1 How do you get into the NW room of the Balai Water Temple?

#2 You can buy an Echo Stone key item which is just like the grave marker of the old man working for the Emperor of Tonfan. It costs 3200 coins and it has the use option. The empress also asks Matthew about it. When and where do you use it?

#3 After you do all of that stuff in Susa-Kushinada town; if you return later you get a cut scene. I put photos up. Here is the link. I am hoping someone can tell me where to go after this guy runs off. I cannot find him.

Here is some stuff that I learned

#1 The chestnut like thing with ties on top that you get in Kaocho gives you a pair of Ninja Sandals once you get the ship
#2 Those Salamander items can be repeatedly used in battle to enhance defense
#3 The Fenrir drops Atropos' Rod
#4 Everything worth getting seems to be ICC 8 assuming that the Japanese sites are based on someone's looking at the code.

I found the entire dictionary on a site which means that I can translate every entry! is all of the dictionary entries.

I am using the cheat code which lets you run 3x's as fast when holding B. It lets you run off the grid and the game lets you retreat when you run off the grid; the exception being when you are trying to hang on to your 5 shards. I managed to get away and I am now in Berafune or Band Town with 5 Shards and a pair of Slap Gloves.

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