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    Sep 17, 2016
    United States
    While playing around with hacks I started a recon map with a Mode Tester thanks to "ThatTeam". I was just messing around for a bit and then as I got my wii remote and started to press buttons I saw that the B button (The inkling started to jump) worked. I was a little happy but then as I connected the nunchuck the inkling was moving with the stick. I pressed the Z button the inkling actually started shooting and the C button turned the Inkling to a squid! So this means that Nintendo left a little control for us wii remote users. Sub weapons don't have a button and you can't turn the camera unless you move in a direction without shooting so roller is recommended.

    Maybe this should've been discovered a while ago and also motion controls don't work either.

    Also do I have to say "ThatTeam"?

    Happy Splatooning!
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