Sometimes I wonder why I watch the shows I do


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Mar 4, 2009
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So thanks to a thread I made a while ago, Twiffles showed me a show that I knew I shouldn't watch.
Not that anyone remembers, but after a coupla weeks I started, and now finished Asobi ni Ikuyo.
So terrible.
I mean, I knew it was gonna be terrible.
But Goooooooood!
There'll be spoilers.
So it's like, ok, there's a cat girl.
Not that that sets it apart from too many other shows.
Actually, there are multiple cat girls.
There were like, 2 cat guys in the whole show.
Actually, there were like 2 semi-main character guys who were males in the entire show.
I mean, I guess I don't really mind the harem style show
(As I've watched Ichigo 100% and Shuffle!)
Made me mad.
The ending was ridiculous.
Totally wasn't sure how they would finish it off with the love interests, but really?
The way they did it was just, argh.
Why did I watch that show?
It's a good question.
A question that I don't really know the answer to.
Other than being incredibly lame.
Actually, that's the only reason.
But I'm man enough to admit to being really lame!
And if you're really lame, I recommend this show.

So, wut's going on in life?
Today we had Wasted Wednesday.
Well, I didn't partake, but the Hawks game was on, and my friend's roommate
(also kinda a friend)
pretty much always drinks during a Hawks game.
So I went back to my dorm and my friend is drunk facebook chatting me.
It's quite awesome, as he like never drinks.
And he talks a lot when he's drunk.
So I'm having fun with that.
Drinking in general I find that it's better to just chill with friends and drink.
I mean, I'll go out I guess, but I still like staying in.
Perhaps it's just because I'm unsocial.
Went to a party this weekend, didn't really feel like talking to anyone outside of the people I knew.
Day before we played DUI Mario Kart, and had a blast.
So yeah.
God, college has turned me into an alcoholic.
Which reminds me,
Gotta go to the alcohol class tomorrow.
I'll letcha know how fun it is.
Well, that's about it.
I should go to sleep.
God a class at 8.
Working on a project at the library.
I'll show it to you guys cuz it's going on youtube eventually.
It'll be awesome.

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