Hacking Some questions/issues with a modmii sneek install


Jan 19, 2019
United States
as the tile says i used modmii to create a sneek sdcard setup for me
i used all the default options where applicable.

it installed apps like postloader, mmm etc

my wii is already softmodded

- when i put the sd card into my wii theres no way to enter sneek mode without 1) renaming bootmiineek to bootmii 2) selecting the bootmii menu from inside the hbc which then goes to a black screen and shortly i enter the wii menu of the sneek nand.

- when booting into sneek theres no homebrew channel or any way to get back out of sneek except by switching off the console.
can that not be done? ive read about nswitch2.2 but how does that even work if theres no hbc in the sneek wii nand or no way to get wads onto it??

- same goes for snort48+, which id very much like. but again, how does it even get added??

- i dont seem to be able to drag channels to the sd card menu anymore to make some room. should i be able to do that still?

- when booted into sneek i need to sync my wiimote everytime. as far as im aware i shouldnt need to if the nand was set as the same as my normal wii? (in this case my wii is pal 4.3E. which is what i selected for sneek)
and when i reboot the system back into my normal wii operation i have to resync the wiimote back again.
i tried it with 2 wiimotes (one was standard, the other was a motion+)

some help with these questions and possibly followups would be appreciated, thanks.
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