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    (Please note I did have my first question answered elsewhere at one point but leaving it here in case I get an expanded upon answer. Also I decided to make my own thread as there will surely be questions branching from these initial ones.)
    Hey, sorry for the nooby questions but I have ZERO Switch hacking experience but a lot of 3ds hacking experience, albeit a bit older experience. There are some things I NEED to know before I dive in and decide to do anything with my switch. To note: I have a launch day switch on most current firmware

    First off, can I (I assume through a sysNAND and an emuNAND) keep my actual Nintendo account/switch profile legit, unhacked, and 100% safe and OK to go online as if I never hacked my switch and use it as I always have, with no risk of bans? And on the flip side can I have a whole separate thing for custom stuffs?

    Second, my current driving force for wanting to mod my switch is Pokemon. I have a physical copy, and want to know if I can keep my current save (realistically all of my saves) on my main profile as legit. But on top of that, I want to know if I can extract my save on my legit profile, get it on a PC or something to, say, clone Pokemon and then put it back in my "legit profile area" and have it safe to still use as such? Fyi I have no plans to use hacked Pokemon online or anything. Just want to be able to clone.

    On top of all of that, if the answers to all that is favorable, what is the recommended route I would need to go to achieve all of that?

    Thank you in advanced.
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    Yes to the first but no the second question.
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