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    Guys and Gals Hello , im thanos from ... ROMANIA! maybe , im following u the past month or two where u trully opening my eyes , my new neogeo console at will owns !!!!! ( btw the "atwiil" cpuld be used for a psatwill emu ) hahaha trully i load it uo and i say to my self man look what u got here !!!
    i didnt had the reason to register cause every google search always directed me around here with an answer or two ..

    now i wanna ask something which i havent covered it up , is there anyway to make a ds instead of going in stand by mode to start a video , particulary a video clip which is less than 5' , in sort words make a vid the screen saver ??

    btw can i add to my sig " a pirate conviced me buying a ds lite " ?

    couldnt a ps emu for lower demanding graph games be done ? i mean titles like nba jam , loaded etc ( well i know loaded is not that low demending but come on i want it desperatelly ) couldnt be emulated on a non ps bios but with the output of a psx or close to it ? i want loaded !!!!! plz dont tell me that this question is already answer a hunderd times , i know but i still hope and foremost my real question is for the screensaver thing

    ty , i really mean it , THANK YOU ! [​IMG]
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    I don't understand exactly what you're saying, but a screensaver for the R4 is technically impossible as I think it would need more RAM to do... But even then, it wouldn't be much of a screensaver....

    I don't think a PS1 emulator is possible, either. From what I've read, the DS needs five times more processing power than it actually has before it can play PS1 games. Remember, even if the game has the lowest requirements ever, it's still a PS1 game and technically may only be able to be played on something that can play PS1 games of the highest requirements, as well.