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    May 16, 2018
    Hi together,

    i finaly create an account here^^
    i follow this site long times...., keep up the good work!!!
    i like GBATemp!!!

    ok... back to topic...
    i have read many many threads and topics (all over the inet) all says it not possible
    to play(or run an modern emulation) on such old pcs, but i think i got an solution!^^
    i run my cemu on a very low-end ,9 years old, acer mini atx desktop pc.

    here my specs:

    Windows 7proffesional (x64)
    Amd Athlon II X2 215 @2.7GHz (NOT! OC)
    2X 2GB noname Ram @2000MHz (NOT! OC)
    [12GB Pagefile for virtual Ram]
    standard 320GB HDD(NOT! SSD)
    noname Acer-brand Mainboard (but nvidia chipset)
    GTX 750ti (2048MB) [afterburner soft-OC]


    i played arround with the options and Gpacks and i think i have figured out an playable state of BotW....
    well i know thats not the best solution but in my opinion its ok for me
    i also know with the 480p pack its not the best ingame graphics but for very! lowend its acceptable i guess.

    ** frame drop in hyrulecastle
    ** decent frame drop in battle situations with more than 5 enemies
    * stutter for 3-5 seconds after loading new region or teleporting

    Cemu conf:

    Cemu 1.11.5d

    i used the
    - 480p Gpack
    - fps++
    - no AA
    - regular shadows
    - botw chrashwork arround

    * fenceskip ON

    i will still try to get more performance but for this old pc i think i reached the limit...
    may if someone still have an old pc, it would be nice if i get feedback if it work for u to...


    Some last words....: im sure i can get 1or 2 frames more if i deactivate aerodesign
    ** i also tryed to capure an video but with obs/afterburner the emu rans out of memory and crashed with the memory issue**
    i hope u like my post and it helps to figure out ur lowend options/conf

    please dont hate me for my bad english^^

    greetings from germany

    - Rigges
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    Hey dude!

    good job optimizing your PC and CEMU for BOTW, congratz.

    Maybe you should use some colors and stuff for your post.
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    May 16, 2018
    hey hey^^

    thx for ur feedback.

    I will improve myself for next posts^^
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