r4/ r4i ultra updated every week

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by byrek, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Jun 14, 2012
    hi everyone!
    After a lot of hours spent searching for a solution, I finally found a way to update the r4/ r4i ultra ( from http://www.r4ultra.com/ )
    First download this: http://www.r4wood.co...el/a/ysmenu.rar and the latest version of the ys menu from this site http://www.r4wood.com/pages/Wood-R4-Kernel.html (the file under the wood kernels and the desmu me ex. http://www.r4wood.com/Kernel/h/R4DS%20YSMenu%20v6.89.rar )

    then open the file named "YSMenu" in the first file we downloaded and the file named TTMenu in the other file we downloaded.
    Now(this is the most important thing) copy theese files from the TTMenu folder in the YSMenu folder, replacing the old ones;

    infolib.dat, extinfo.dat, r4patch.dat, savlib.dat, usrcheat.dat, YSMenu.ini
    After that copy everything that was in the first file we downloaded( also the YSMenu with the new files in it) and the games you want to play in your micro sd.

    Have fun playing all the new games you want! I'm playing right now with pokemon black version 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!