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    This is mostly a question out of curiosity at the moment, although someone has asked me about it when trying to design a computer for him. As to his purposes - I shan't even guess. As for me, well it was an interesting question and I realized after a quick search through the usual Windows channels (i.e. the less-than-useful quick-help feature) that it doesn't seem integrated.

    How can you lock a Hard Drive so that:
    a) It needs a password to access, and;
    b) It will only spin up once the correct password is given (i.e. background sniffers and data miners can't read it)?

    All I can think about is setting up permissions and possibly a special non-user account to tie the drive to, but that won't stop Windows accessing the drive periodically for indexing (if enabled) or basic scans (if installed). Aside from this being very round-about, it doesn't really do what the person wanted it to do - lock down the drive until the right password is used to start it up.

    Any ideas?