PSV Sells 14,000 Units

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Chhotu uttam, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Chhotu uttam

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    Dec 6, 2010

    Media Create have released the hardware sales for the week covering February 6 to February 12. Sales for the PlayStation Vita were disappointing with a total of 13,939 units sold, making it the lowest week since launch. On an unrelated note, the PlayStation 2 managed to outsell both the Xbox 360 and DSi LL for the first time since the PS Vita launch. The full sales list:

    • 3DS – 67,558 units (75,018)
    • PS3 – 22,002 units (23,293)
    • PSP – 15,860 units (15,847)
    • PS Vita – 13,939 units (17,141)
    • Wii – 8,206 units (8,814)
    • PS2 – 1,239 units (481)
    • Xbox 360 – 1,139 units (1,382)
    • DSi LL – 957 units (1,090)
    • DSi – 651 units (669)

    Overall sales


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    :arrow: Source 2
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Er, with no real new games out...why would the sales increase. It's not news that they DIDN'T rise.
    It'd be news if they DID rise.
  3. KingVamp

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    1)A comment someone going disagree with
    2)must be a Nintendo fanboy
    4)Hater comment
    6)mass deletion

    On a serious note, I'm really tried of seeing these kinda of threads.
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  4. Qtis

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    Great title. Maybe one of the best in regards of being unbiased. Just as well you could make the title something like: "Nintendo 3DS looking good, Sony has the next 3 places with their consoles, then comes Wii, then Sony again with PS2, and then 360"...

    ps. The current PSV library is a lot more western than Japanese. I'm not really that surprised that the Japanese sales aren't that high. Also do note that the 3DS sales were abysmal in the beginning. Now it's doing great! (I'm also a contributor to that fact, the 3DS is a nice gaming plat..). Just give it time for the international release and honestly, try the console yourself! Otherwise what you'll be saying everywhere is just as good as any marketing success/propaganda made around the world: "They said it's good/bad/whatever, so it's gotta be! : O~~~~~~"

    Edit: I've gotta agree with the people commenting before me. If someone honestly thinks that selling 14k consoles in one week is bad this close to the launch date, go look at Wii sales in the beginning and compare them to the total now. I'd be amazed that there are some weeks when the console sold over 1 million units. Now it's "only" a bit over 8k.
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  5. gloweyjoey

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    May 7, 2010
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