Hardware Ps Vita Won't Charge or Boot


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Nov 9, 2018
So I recently got this Ps Vita 1000 from my friend, it was left alone for years and had it's screen broken. I bought a new screen replacement and I replaced it myself. But there seems to be another problem, it won't turn on or charge. I'll be listing out the things that happened so that it wouldn't be too confusing.

  • When it's screen is still broken, it would charge and it would turn on (ps button lights up blue, I can also hear sounds) whenever I try to
  • It turned on fine after I replaced the screen, but it won't charge for some reason
  • PC was able to recognize it when I connect it via usb cable, but it still wouldn't charge
  • It would randomly shut down when it's turned on
  • It wouldn't turn on right away after it shuts down randomly, I had to wait some time to get it back on
  • When it does turn on, it asks me to set the date and time everytime
  • I have noticed that the battery connector is a bit less tight than it used to be
  • Tried charging it overnight but no luck
  • Tried connecting it on a powerbank, the powerbank lights up for a second (but the ps button doesn't) but the light indicator of the powerbank goes off quickly (haven't tried charging it on the powerbank for hours though)
I don't have much experience about this stuff so I'm asking here. I tried removing and putting back again the battery but that doesn't work. I'm planning on getting a new battery but I want to make sure It really is the battery that needs to be replaced. Last time it was used was around 3 years ago so the battery might be dead, but it was working fine before I replaced the screen. I'm afraid something might have gone wrong while I was fixing it.

Sorry for the lengthy post, Any help would be very much appreciated.

TL;DR - Vita won't charge or tun on but used to work fine before

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