Question Problems with upgrade/downgrade with HacDiskMount

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Hey people, dont know if im posting my question in the right forum.

    As a note im only doing this because my switch got bricked after an update to 9.0!
    I have a problem with Hacdiskmount and the Biskeys. I simply followed the guide here up to Step 9

    However im at the part where i need to insert BIS Key 3 in HacDiskMount in USER. For whatever reason i always get a FAIL! Entropy when i click on Test.
    I dumped my Biskeys multiple times with Lockpick, biskeydumpv9 or with the sdsetup biskeygen. Anytime i get an error on this.
    Every other biskey was tested and is fine.

    Tried again with a 6.1.0 rebuild of Nand, formatted SDCard, redumped Keys, still a problem with the USER in HacDiskMount.
    Im done, i have no clue what to try now

    Update 2:
    Alright, now the keyblob is corrupted, biskeys cant be dumped and pkg2 decryption failure. Seems like the emmc is nuked. Time to put it aside and wait unless i can think of anything else
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