1. El.James

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    Jan 27, 2016
    I posted this on reddit r/SwitchHaxing, but Id like to know your impressions.

    Ive owned a Switch by 3 weeks so far. It has been a great experience, but Ive had some issues in the process.

    I had to reformat my sd card to fat32 after it got corrupted.

    Anyway my problem is that, after solving the sd card issues, Ive installed some games on my system memory. But they seem to run slow. First issue I had is that I uninstalled a game and it took forever. Then via Goldleaf I installed another one and it took forever (compared to when I install games to my sd card). Finally I booted it up, and it takes forever.

    Im running atmosphere 0.9.1 with firmware 8.1.0, on emuMMC.

    I really dont know what could the issue be."

    I dont know how can I check system memory.

    I do think, most likely, Im going to have to start from scratch (which Id love to avoid).
  2. thesjaakspoiler

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    Nov 20, 2018
    You can uninstall games from the normal system menu.
    That should take not more than a few seconds.
    Installing games should not take more than 2~3 minutes for very big games (like + 4GB)

    If you keep on running into sd card corruption errors,
    then you might want to check with a PC if it's not a fake card (with a lower capacity).
    Fat32 cards usually don't get corrupted that easily.
    Unless you pull them out while the Switch is on.
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