1. kikoexe

    OP kikoexe GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 9, 2006
    Just got my supercard lite, I know i read somewhere that I have to patch all my roms with the new patcher, but I just used the patched roms that were patched using V2.542 and all of them worked well.. no slowdown whatsoever.. [​IMG]

    However, the GBA Games are another story,
    i patched the GBA Roms with the patcher for SCLite (2.55c Micro SD Pro) and when i press L+R+A+SELECT to do the transfer, after the "please wait" message appears, it comes back to the game immediately and alas, my save game was deleted... [​IMG]

    my SCLite is the chinese version btw.. [​IMG]

    also, when i try to run the Upgrade.SCU file in the SCLite, there's this chinese message that appears and that's it... :oops:

    I hope someone can help me.. [​IMG]
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