ROM Hack pokesav help it cant read save file no matter how i alter it


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Jan 26, 2009
Hi, i am using the no$gba v 2.6 and i am using pokesav v 0.40c i have the No$gba to Vba save file converter i convert my pokemon diamond no $gba into a vba safe file 3 files are created 1 is the original while 1 is the backup and other is named as newsafefile which is supposed to be given to me by editing am i right? the moment i use the newsafefile to edit it did shows my pokemon safe information when i edit finish i deleted my original safe file and rename the new safe file as what the original safe file is named as i leave the backup there but when i open the game again it cant read the safe file i made and it automatically start a new game like theres no safe file . and when i rename my backup as a safe file it cant read as well , i restore my original file from the recycle bin and put it back into the save folder it cant read as well . how do i make my pokesav work and can be read need some help i tried many times i even try editing the save file without converting it into vba yet it dosent work as long it got altered by the pokesav the file cannot be read and my old files cannot be read as well need some help here .

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