Pokemon Black .sav file done for?

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Aug 14, 2011
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    Hey guys!
    When Pokemon Black first came out I got a rom for it on my flashcart and beat the game obviously and beat the game without cheats and hacks liek normal. I traded all my legit and legendary pokemon from Heartgold into it and then stopped playing for a while. Recently i've been wanting to play. It stopped working for some reason so I thought it might have been because my M3 Sakura was out of date. So I updated it and all the other menus (I got it on quad boot). Whenever I play though with the Sakura and R4 one I just get a black screen and when I play with Wood or YSM3. I have 2 other Pokemon White/Black Roms on it (modded versions of the game) and they work fine. Now why won't this game work. Is my sav corrupted? [​IMG] or am I in luck and theres an easy solution?

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