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Play Splatoon with only one screen and a Controller - Tutorial

Ever wanted to just play Splatoon with a TV and the Wii U Pro Controller?
Well, now it's possible!

What you need:
- Cemu already set up and preferably with Online accessability (for this you need to own and hack a real Wii U!)
- Splatoon downloaded and integrated into Cemu
- Steam installed and a Steam-Account
- My Custom Controller Config

Let's start:

Download and set up Cemu and the Splatoon game with your save data and all.
If you want to use motion controls, go to this page and follow the directions associated with your Controller:

Depending on your Controller you should also try and find out how those methods work in tandem with Steam!

- Go to Steam and add a non-steam game
- Click on "browse" and locate Cemu.exe where you put the Emulator's folder (already set up!)
- Add the exe file and click on "ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS"
- Browse your Steam Library and search for Cemu
- Then right click on it, select "properties" and rename it to "Splatoon"

In order to directly boot into the game, you have to specify the launch options to:

Instead of YOURCEMUGAMESFOLDER you have to navigate to the folder where your Splatoon game is stored, then direct to "Splatoon\code\Gambit.rpx"
So that the path should look somewhat like this:
-g "G:\Programme (x86)\Cemu\GAMES\Splatoon [AGMP01]\code\Gambit.rpx" -f

Before launching the game, you should configure your Controller options. As long as all buttons line up with the Gamepad, you should be fine (A button on the right, X on the top and so on)
Don't forget to set the "show screen" to the Left Stick Button, also known as L3.

Now onto the Steam Controller Config:
Place the folder "splatoon" at this location:
C:\Programs (x86)\Steam\userdata\youraccountid\241100\remote\controller_config

Go to Steam Big Picture, direct to Splatoon and go to the Controller Options there.
Disable the Desktop Config.
In the Controller Configurations you should now search for my Splatoon 1 Config.
Since I used a PS4 Controller for the setup, you might need to enable "show configs from other Controller Types" in order to see the config and then transfer it to your Con Type (just click "Accept" or "Yes").

If you now import it for this game specifically, everything should work just fine and you can enjoy playing the game with no hassle from the comfort of your couch :)
If you want to use a profile as a new template, just copy it to <steam folder>/controller_base/template.

Some extra notes:
In order to make the game more playable, I changed the standard controls quite a bit.
- Jumping is now on B
- X now toggles the Map/Gamepad on and off
- While the map stays open, A functions like the left mouse button and also closes the map, just like in Splatoon 2
- While the map is open, the right stick is used to control the mouse cursor
- While the map is open, you can press on the dpad to direct the cursor to one of your three teammates or your spawn and press A to immediatly superjump to them
- Since X is now the map button, you have to press the left stick to view details in the shops or on the weapon/gear select screen
- Most of the time B makes no problems, but when you enter the Private Battle Menu, you can't leave it through B, since that menu prefers the input of X (which has also been assigned to B in order to make jumping possible)
- In order to leave, just press and hold Y
- Holding Select now opens the Gamepad view aswell, but doesn't change the Dpad, reverts X back to it's former functions and A also doesn't change the Screen anymore
- Holding R for a little while, will activate your Special as usual, but also opens up the map to directly shoot the Inkstrike
- The only way to leave the view is by Pressing A, so be careful if you use other Specials and hold the Button for too long!
- The Config is made with B for jumping in mind, if you try to play the game with a Controller that has the right stick above the face buttons, this config wouldn't be helpful and changing it would take some work, since using B for the Map might not be the best options because of menu controls...

For better Gameplay here also some other tips:
- Options in Cemu:
- It is recommended to download a precompiled shader cache, since otherwise the game is unplayable (at least for me and even with Vulkan API)
- enable fullscreen
- disable "fullscreen menu bar"
- enable "remember main window position"
- set the TV sound to 100%
- set the Gamepad sound to 70% (it's louder than the TV sound!)
- Use Vulkan Graphics API to compile shaders faster
- Vulkan might cause glitches, then you should switch back to OpenGL
- set Rumble around 70-80%, maybe even less since it's pretty strong
- Search in Steamgriddb.com for Splatoon and download a vertical Cover, a horizontal Cover, a Hero and a Logo (this makes the game look a lot nicer in your Steam library!)
- Set the vertical Cover in Windowed Steam
- Set the horizontal Grid Cover in Big Picture
- Set the Hero and Logo on the game's description screen in windowed Steam ( you can also resize and reposition the Logo!)
- Search for a nice Crosshair mouse cursor and change your cursor design (this'll make the cursor look much nicer ingame!)
- You can also resize the mouse cursor, to make it more visible during gameplay!
- Having a white Crosshair makes it easier to see on the map, but a black and white one would probably help best (maybe I'll even create a custom one and attach the files to this Tutorial?)

Changelog Version 2.1:
- Fixed mouse cursor reaction curve and speed (it's now a little slower and easier to move on the map)
- The map stays out longer after pressing A to avoid calling out on teammates when superjumping
- Delayed Dpad removed, since menu control wasn't very pleasing
- Some minor fixes and adjustments to input delays, to make controlling a lot smoother and enjoyable

Changelog Version 3.0:
- Made it so that L isn't a Toggle anymore (left from testing and I only noticed while changing weapons)
- Holding Select/Minus now opens the map but with different controls (the Dpad works like normal in this mode, A isn't closing the menu anymore and to return, you have to press Select/Minus again)
- This was added to be used for easier HUB-Menu navigation and to be able to play Minigames properly
- For Fans of the Inkstrike; holding R3/Right Stick button for a short period of time now also opens the map (X and Select/Minus can't close it, you have to Press A regardles of the equipped Special weapon!)
- Opening the Map with whatever Button, now always sets the mouse cursor to the middle of the screen, to make it faster to navigate the Map (not sure if this will cause issues with motion controls set up, since I don't use them)
- Adjustments to delays of the Map and other Buttons

If the Cursor is too slow for you or something else is not how you'd like it, feel free to adjust the settings to your personal taste and don't forget to save the Config, so that it is uploaded to the Steam Servers for easy usage and backup. :)


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I'm kind of shocked that CEMY doesn't have a breakout Windows for the Gamnpad's screen TBH... With the ability to throw it onto a 2nd monitor.


Apr 8, 2016
Gambia, The
I'm kind of shocked that CEMY doesn't have a breakout Windows for the Gamnpad's screen TBH... With the ability to throw it onto a 2nd monitor.

You kinda can display the Gamepad display on a second monitor, but it won't be fullscreen and you have to move it to the second screen and resize it every time you restart CEMU. For someone that just wants to play while sitting one the couch (just like with the Wii U back then) it's less then comfortable tp set it up before each play session.

But I do hope this config and setup will make it easier for some to do just that and even without a second TV or Monitor required.
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