Oct 8, 2004
New Zealand
Oh it's so time for an entry.

First, Photobucket; last entry my images were all deactivated due to excess bandwidth use and photobucket wanted me to upgrade do a premium membership. (fuck that)
This is mainly because I posted an image on the somethingawful forums, and with it's millions of members it quickly went over.
I was meaning to update when my images were reactivated on the 22nd, but I couldn't be bothered spending an hour or so to write, and now I've finally got a day off after 8 consecutive shifts.

Now, whats new with Twinsen.
Well, a little, about a week ago Cocopuffs got all randomly motivated and did a few days work, and like usual he had to go bail his sister out and save the youth center from being demolished.
Like usual, we're so damn close to having it ready, there are still a few glitches and some of them absolutely have to be removed, they just break the game at the moment, so I guess I'm waiting for Cocopuffs to make his way back to Alaska.

What else is new...
The Wild Foods festival is coming up in New Zealand, it's just a random festival on the west coast where you can eat some weird food like huhu grub cocktails, worm sandwiches, etc.
But the real fun of it is just camping on the beach with thousands of other people and wandering around the town all day.
My friends are going this year, and I'm allowed the time off to go, except I need to find out the exact days I'll be gone and we still don't have a solid plan.. and I think by the time we have one, it will be too late.
So I probably won't be going, which I don't mind much to be honest.
Since I'll only be given the days needed to attend the festival which means no shower, bed, tv, computer, good food etc.
It'd be great if I could get another day once I get back to shower, sober up, etc, but since I won't- I think I'd definitely regret it.

This morning as I got off the bus, the courier guy caught me and gave me a parcel to take to work, and inside was our first blu ray movie.
Black Book, it says it's subtitled on the back of the box, so the DVD won't rent well, but I guess the blu ray copies will do alright, I think those with PS3s/blu ray players will just rent it for the sake of renting a blu ray movie. (although the movie does sound pretty good)

And I keep hearing about how one dude at work basically hates me, it seems everyone has a problem with him so I'm not really giving him much thought, and everyone else says they love working with me because I do all the returns, most of the customers, and let them stock the popcorn/m&ms, put up posters, ring overdues, the slightly more interesting work.

And when I was at Sydenham, Rachael said I was the only person she's ever worked with there that was actually organized and logical.
I think it's because of little things like he loves the Cube- I think it just sucks, and a few things like he insists Stranger than Fiction is a comedy and Night at the Museum is one of the funniest movies ever.

But, I don't think he'll still be here after a month or two, he's already made it clear to the owners (and the manager) that he wants to be manager, and after being completely shot down he's been going on about how under appreciated he is and blah blah blah.

I finally finished Metroid Prime 3.
After being well and truly stumped for a while, I realized I had missed an entire planet, the pirates home world.
After slapping myself in the face, this is where I realized this is the best game I've ever played.
Pretty big deal for me, at first I wasn't sure since I regard Super Metroid so highly, but as I continued I was sure of it.
To be perfectly honest, I hadn't really believed the next gen controls approach nintendo was taking until Prime 3, now I just cannot go back to dual analogue sticks, they have truly been made obsolete and it feels like a huge step backwards now.
There were so many moments of awesomeness, but I think the best part is just the general room to room traveling, one of the best rooms I found is the repair bay on Valhalla, the one with the Metroids and Miniroids.
You run into that room, kill the Metroids, jump over the electricity and continue up around the platforms while jumping over the gaps, shooting Miniroids in the middle of the room and avoiding the electricity, it sounds complicated but it's so very easy thanks to the awesome controls.

I'd like to see Retro make a Zelda game, honestly after Twilight Princess, I definitely don't think Nintendo can make another Zelda as great as Majora's Mask or Wind Waker, but I'm convinced Retro could even best those two.
Retro seems to love level design, each room is packed with more detail than complete areas in most games, I'd love to see how they fare with say Lake Hylia.
And I think it would take Retro to finally make a drastic change to Zelda, imagine the whole game with a steam-punk setting like the Sky Town in Prime 3.
Link driving a big tractor/train hybrid that rips up the ground through a huge desert with abandoned oil wells everywhere and a huge factory/castle off in the distance.
Plus Retro would optimize and utilize the weapons much better, especially compared to Twilight Princess...
Rumour has it that Retro is working on a new IP, I doubt it's Zelda and to be honest I really don't mind, but I'm definitely looking forward to whatever it is.

That reminds me, a week or two ago I went to buy Medal of Honor 2 on the Wii since the reviews were saying its controls were even better than Prime 3's and it's awesome 32 player online.
So I brought it home, played the single player for about 30 minutes, okay I'm ready for some online.
Quit to the menu, scrolling through...
Maybe I need to register online since EA has set up their own system instead of using Nintendo's shitty friendcodes...
Nope, I check the manual, Yeah it gives a thorough explanation on how online play works, but not how to actually start it.
Then I check gamefaqs and find that the Australian and New Zealand versions have had all the multiplayer removed because EA didn't want to set up servers there.
I mean, what the hell?
Okay fine, don't set up servers, why not throw the friend code system back in it? Or perhaps make it peer to peer?, LAN? Splitscreen? Anything!?
Why the fuck would I want to storm the fucking beaches of Normandy again?
Just when I thought, hey heres a game on the Wii with awesome online play, great controls, pretty decent graphics, and holy shit it's made by EA!
And they go and remove main attraction because they didn't want to spend a little money setting up servers for their customers, as if they don't have enough money or something.
Seriously, I'm done with EA, I was thinking I'd support Need for Speed on the Wii because honestly- I like racing games, and they're even more fun steering with the remote.
But now, no.

Luckily the EBgames at my mall is cool, so I took it back, and decided just to buy Warioware instead and they gave me a classic controller for free since the manual still said it had online play and they were gonna make a real complaint to EA.

So now I'm back into Mario Galaxy which is almost as awesome as Prime 3, plus No More Heroes and Zak and Wiki both come out tomorrow.
My Wii library is already pretty nice and it will soon be even nicer.

[various stuff]

I started a drawing on my DS today:
It's currently a bit of a Saturday morning Disney mutant, but I like it, I think it will be fine when I've finished.

Youtube, what the hell I've finally got sound working on youtube again, they must've updated their player and fixed some minor problem that was affecting me.

PBFcomics sadly is apparently shutting down, definitely the best looking and arguably the funniest comic on the internet.
I sent him an email basically saying "thanks for all the comics" and he sent one back saying:
"I'm just withdrawing it from papers to slow production down,

but your appreciation will be directed toward something good. Trust in that.

So whatever he's got coming should be cool.

Fez, on the TIGsource boards, one of the guys behind Fez had said some cool news was coming regarding Fez.
The news was that he would be attending GDC (although he had to quit his job to be able to) and deservingly, he won a few awards and got a lot of mainstream media coverage.
Fez really looks like an amazing game, it's got a slight Cavestory vibe to it's appearance but it's gameplay just takes it to another plane, really looking forward to the level design, puzzles and bosses.

[/various stuff]

I'm sure I've missed a bunch of stuff I was meaning to write about but I guess I'll get them later.

So for now,



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Apr 19, 2007
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hi there, fellow new zealander!

lol @ eb, seriously.

edit: and ea.

edit2: maybe you know this online comic with these soldiers in this destroyed city and they can't get out? it's got really impressive artwork.

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