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Jan 13, 2008
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Siliconera interviewed Colin Ferris, Product Marketing Manager on the Phoenix Wright series.

The following words are taken from Siliconera, none of theses words are mine.

"Why did you pick the name Apollo Justice?

Coming up with the name was a collaboration between our Japanese and American divisions. Where Phoenix always fought for your rights, Apollo fights for Justice!

What is Apollo's personality like? How does he compare to the goofy Phoenix Wright?

As a rookie attorney, Apollo is definitely one to make mistakes and can be remarkably clueless at times. It is his first time defending clients on his own and he desperately doesn't want to make any mistakes. He gets a bit too excited at times and it definitely works against him.

What about his rival Klavier? Does he match up to Edgeworth or Godot?

Absolutely. Klavier Gavin is just as formidable an opponent as those faced by Phoenix Wright. Klavier is a very cool customer and is very hard to surprise.

One of my favorite things about the Ace Attorney games is the hilarious characters who act as witnesses. Which one is your favorite in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney?

I've got to say, without giving anything away, that any character that can pull off using a bowl of noodles as a fashion accessory is cool in my book.

Speaking of the characters Ema Skye who plays an integral role in the fifth case of the first Phoenix Wright game returns! I don't know if most of the US audience knows this, but Ema wasn't in the GBA version. She was a new character specifically designed for the extra case. Did Capcom plan on including Ema in Apollo Justice when she was created?

As the Ace Attorney universe of characters grow, we wanted to make sure some of the old favorites still popped up from time to time. Ema is a bit more grown up now and even more integral to the story.

How does Ema help Apollo search for clues? What kind of "scientific investigations" can players perform using the DS' unique input system?

Again, without giving too much away, Ema Skye helps you with all your forensic analysis of various pieces of evidence. Imagine her as the CSI of the Ace Attorney world.

Apollo has a new set of skills since he doesn't have psychic help. Can you explain to our readers how Apollo analyzes his witnesses?

Apollo has the unique ability to recognize nervous habits in his opponents. By reading their body language, he can determine whether they are lying or not. This skill serves him very well when cross examining in court.

I recall Japan's limited edition Gyakuten Saiban 4 bundle had an interactive Nintendo DS encyclopedia of the Phoenix Wright series. Are there any plans to localize this? I imagine it would be a killer pre-order bonus.

I agree, that encyclopedia is really cool and we're looking at ways to bring it to fans in the US. Currently, it is exclusive to Japan, unfortunately.

On another note, our preorder gift is an exclusive Apollo Justice metal keychain. You will be able to get it with your preorder from Gamestop or if you order the game through

About the future of the Ace Attorney series… is Apollo going to be the star for the next game? Will Phoenix ever put on a suit? Are there plans for a new protagonist?

You're just going to have to wait and see what happens. We've got some neat new ideas for the next game, and I think fans of the series will love it.

Speaking of Phoenix has Capcom thought about selling an enhanced Wii-make of the Phoenix trilogy? Or maybe selling individual cases as episodes over WiiWare or Xbox Live Arcade?

There are no current plans beyond the Nintendo DS.

Capcom has been quite successful with the Ace Attorney games and adventure gaming is getting a rebirth. So, what about Kabu Trader Shun? Is Capcom considering localizing it in the future?

We have no announcements at this time."


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