PAL Wii 50hz-60hz differences in framerate?

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  1. kerz

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    Jun 24, 2004
    hello, just curious if anyone recognizes this....

    i have a PAL Wii (very first generation) with wiikey 1.9s / 3.2E firmware
    never bricked never installed updates from disk never ran any non-pal disc.
    i burn my discs on verbatim dvd+r at 4x with imgburn.

    i have a pal tv so my wii is set to 50hz

    some games, like mariokart lately seem to behave different on 50hz-60hz settings

    when wii set to 50hz, the framerate of mariokart is terrible (approx 15-20 frames/sec)
    when i set the wii to 60hz there's no problems with the framerate! (but the usual unsharp, dull colours 60hz picture)

    how can this be? anyone else got this problem, or just understands what it is?

    tried all the different wiikey settings, problem still the same.

    thanks for reading, hope anyone can tell me what this is.

    edit: guess i have to wait till 3.3e is here, must be the wii firmware, last update 3.2e took long.
    since then the 50hz setting started behaving choppy. there's no way to reinstall latest wii firmware?