[OLD] Loadiine backup loader for WiiU 5.3.2 ONLY (NO 5.4 NO 5.5!)

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    Loadiine - WiiU SD-card backup loader

    Loadiine is a SD Card WiiU RPX/RPL loader.
    It currently works ONLY ON WIIU v5.3.2

    And it is region free!!!

    INFORMATION : This thread is old. Loadiine 4 is no longer active. Loadiine GX2 is the new game loader.

    5.4.0 and 5.5.0 CAN be supported, but only when a 5.4 webkit exploit or a 5.5 kernel exploit will be released by other devs, not loadiine devs.
    Check here to know if your WiiU version has a userland and kernel exploit.

    If your WiiU is on a lower firmware, you can update using this little guide:
    Update to 5.3.2 guide

    Compatibility List

    Official compatibility list thread

    Old Official Compatibility list, Second old list, Third list ....

    The NEW official compatibility list is now on wikitemp


    Official releases
    1.0a : first release.
    - Works with SSBU (disc) or SSBU (eshop) only.
    - Game executable RPX+RPL combined size can't be bigger than SSBU RPL+RPX combined size (22MB)
    - game's RPX can't be bigger than 4MB

    - New folder structure
    - Speed load time X10
    - maximum RPX+RPL size is now 25.47MB
    - Adds Autoboot to disc.

    - Adds supports to boot games with MiiMaker (app)
    - No more RPX/RPL file size limit (65.7MB per file should be enough for all games)
    - sort of game list by name (case insensitive)
    - Adds Y button to mount game without autobooting, and exit to system menu. game can then be launched manually from any compatible title (SSBU, Miimaker, etc.)

    4.0 - Last official release
    - Supports XML value parsing to fix lot of incompatible games (app.xml, cos.xml)
    - Uses some default XML values if xml files are missing

    Modded versions
    These are not in the main branch from Dimok/Golden45, but are not "bad". They simply offer different features but are not (yet) in the main branch.

    3.0 mod (Maschell)
    Use different save path per profile.

    3.0 mod (Ptitleray)
    version compatible with WiiU 4.1 and WiiU 5.0.0

    4.0 mod (NotKit)
    version compatible with WiiU 5.0.0 and WiiU 5.1.0

    4.1 : Mod of 4.0 (MLT)
    Add supports to boot games with Art Atelier (disc) and KaraokeU (eshop)
    Note: This new booting method are not using autoboot. A is still auto-booting the inserted disc (SSBU or Art atelier), and X is still auto-booting MiiMaker. If you want to use KaraokeU you need to mount the game with Y to exit to the WiiU menu and then launch KaraokeU (or miimaker, or disc).

    4.0 mod flow (Kasai07)
    Add cover display on the gamepad.
    cover need to be 160x225 icone.tga placed in main game's folder (alongside the content, meta, and code folder)

    4.0 + Pygecko (Onion Knight)
    Fix and add pygecko auto-launching to Loadiine 4.0


    Version 1.0a, released by @golden45, is attached at the bottom of this post.

    New versions and updates are released regularly. Multiple developers are working on the loader and releasing their own version.
    You can find the source code for the different versions on github.

    NOTE: There is NO download needed for loadiine.
    Loadiine is not a file you install or copy to your WiiU SD Card, it's a webpage you need to visit on your WiiU web browser.

    The downloads are for users who want to host the web server localy or on internet for other people to use.
    If you want to host loadiine online, download Lasted github sources.
    If you only want to play games, follow the "Launching Loadiine" guide below.


    Loadiine use the web browser to load itself in memory and launch game.
    You can host the files on your own private local server, or use one of the public servers provided by GBAtemp users.

    Here is a list of available public servers hosting loadiine launcher:
    • EclipseSin : http://eclipsesin.github.io/ http://wiiuexploit.hoxty.com/ or http://exploit.wiiubrew.net/ (recommended website) [Loadiine v1.0 to v4.1, Additional tools like dumpers, debuger or wup installer]
    • Fix94 : http://fix94.no-ip.org/wiiu/ [Loadiine v4.0 and Wup installer]
    • Maschell : http://maschell.de/loadiine_maschell/
    • wj44 : http://wj44.bplaced.com/ [Loadiine 4.0 (Dimok), Loadiine 4.1 (MLT), additional tools and some early homebrew games]
    • RapidRaid : http://wiiu.rapidraid.de/ [Loadiine v3.0 and v4.0]
    • Deakphreak : http://spiffyhacks.com/wiiu/ [Loadiine v3.0 and v4.0]

    Hosting the files yourself:
    To host the exploit yourself, you need a local or internet webserver.

    • With version 1.0a, copy the www or the www-for-server folder to your webserver.

    • With new versions from github, copy all the compiled .html files AND the .elf files (located in the /www/ folder) in your webserver.
    If you don't have the html and elf for the version you want to use, you can compile the files yourself.

    Compiling Loadiine 1.0 to 2.0 (before version from 2015-10-23)

    Note: Since Loadiine 3.0, 2015-10-23 (git 921c06), the html and elf files are provided. Download the sources on github and you will find the files for local server hosting located in the "www" folder.
    If you really want to compile Loadiine 3.0 yourself, here is the new batch file:
    Compiling Loadiine (since version from 2015-10-23)

    Note: For Loadiine 4.0 from 2015-11-18 (git 9e2af865b4). Download the sources on github and you will find the files for local server hosting located in the "www\loadiine\" folder.
    If you really want to compile Loadiine 4.0 or newer yourself, here is the new batch file:
    Compiling Loadiine (since version from 2015-11-28)

    Launching Loadiine

    Loadiine does not use the same kernel exploit than cafiine or tcp gecko.
    If you host the exploit yourself, please use the kernel exploit located in Loadiine 1.0a > www or www-for-server > kexploit folder.

    1. Insert Super Smash Bros. for WiiU disc in your console. (Eshop version works, but auto-boot will not work)
      Note: Since Loadiine 3.0, you can boot games without Smash Bros game, but compatibility can be different.
    2. Go to your web browser on WiiU.
    3. Visit your own local server with loadiine exploit, or one of the public servers above.
    4. Load Loadiine kexploit webpage.
    5. If it display "race attack failed", load the WiiU settings, exit, and try again from step 1
    6. If it works, the Home menu will be displayed without error message
    7. Run the web browser again and now select loadiine

    8. If you use v1.0a, load MiiMaker. If you use one of the newest release, it will launch automatically.

    9. If you see a menu, select the settings you want (enable server, server's IP, etc.)
    10. Select the game or title you want to mount with D-pad up/down.

    MiiMaker mode:
    1. If you want to use MiiMaker mode (no Smash Bros disc spinning, noiseless mode!), press X button to auto-boot the game.
    2. If auto-boot fails, it will exit to MiiMaker. Follow the "no auto-boot mode" below to boot your game.

    Smash bros Disc with Auto-boot mode:
    1. If you want to use the disc version of Super Smash Bros. you can press A button to auto-boot the game.
    2. If auto-boot fails, it will exit to MiiMaker. Follow the "no auto-boot mode" below to boot your game.

    Smash bros eshop (or disc without auto-boot) mode:
    1. If you want to use the eShop version (or don't want auto-boot disc mode), press Y button.
    2. Exit MiiMaker and launch Super Smash Bros. for WiiU to boot your mounted title.

    :!: To play another title, exit to Home menu, launch MiiMaker channel and follow from step10 again.

    Using the server log

    Loadiine can send activity logs on your computer for debug purpose.
    With Loadiine 1.0a you need to select the version to launch (with or without the log server) on the web browser.
    You also need to edit the exploit to add your own computer's local IP.
    A tutorial is located in the 1.0a readme.txt

    Since 2015-10-17, Loadiine has an on-screen setting menu to choose whether you want to enable the server or not, and select the server IP to connect to. You don't need to edit or launch a different exploit anymore.

    Latest server version can be found here, or provided with the latest loadiine build in the /server/ folder.
    :!: Launch the server on your computer before loading Loadiine from the browser.

    Game folder structure

    The folder structure is different between version 1.0a and new releases.

    Loadiine 1.0a :

    _RPX\Game name\ID4.rpx (you choose the "game name" which will appear in the Miimaker menu, you choose the 4 letters for RPX filename)
    _RPX\Game name\unrenamed.rpl (do not rename the .rpl files)
    _SAV\ID4\c\ (same "\ID4" than the one chosen in the RPX filename)
    _SAVE\ID4\u\ (same as above)
    ID4\ (same "ID4" chosen for the RPX filename. place all the files located in the "content" folder here)

    :!: You are encouraged to update to latest version and use the new file structure. The new versions are loading games faster, have better compatibility, contains an on-screen settings menu and a proper code dump function to help developers fix issues.

    New folder structure:

    SD:\wiiu\games\Whatever your want as game title\

    Rename the red part to the game's title of your choice.
    SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World\

    While you are creating the folder, you should add the TitleID in the folder name, it will be used in future version of loadiine to download missing game covers from gametdb. the format is "Game Name [TitleID6]"
    SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World [AYCP01]\
    Note : This is the titleID for the European version. don't use this TitleID if you have the USA or JPN version.

    The titleID can be found and generated by looking in the meta.xml, last 4 and last 2 digits form the TitleID.
    If you don't know the TitleID and you don't have the meta folder or meta.xml, don't worry for the moment. just create your folder without that information. a tool could be released in the future to rename folders automatically.

    After you created the game's folder, copy the "code", "content" and "meta" folders from your game dump inside this folder.
    SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World [AYCP01]\code\
    SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World [AYCP01]\content\
    SD:\wiiu\games\Yoshi's Woolly World [AYCP01]\meta\

    The save folders are created automatically on first launch here:
    SD:\wiiu\saves\Yoshi's Woolly World [AYCP01]\u\
    SD:\wiiu\saves\Yoshi's Woolly World [AYCP01]\c\

    u = Current account save data
    c = Common save data
    Note: Currently, only one account is possible, whatever the Mii you choose at console launch it will share the same "u" save.

    How to update games?

    The update located on the console can't be used.
    To apply an update, you need to download it from NUS (Nintendo Update Server) manually, extract the files and copy/replace the files located on your SD card.


    Do I need Super Smash Bros. for WiiU game?
    Not anymore.
    But Smash Bros. mode and MiiMaker mode are complementary.
    Both modes are currently used to achieve best compatibility.

    What is MiiMaker mode?
    MiiMaker mode is a method to boot games without using Smash Bros game.
    MiiMaker also grants SD card access and can be used to launch games directly without loading SSBU.

    Can I use the eShop version of Super Smash bros ?
    Yes, but game compatibility is different.
    Please try eshop version of SSBU with games marked as incompatible in the official list.

    I don't want to buy Smash Bros, can't we use another game?
    No. Use MiiMaker mode instead if you don't have Smash Bros.

    "Art Academy: Atelier" is another game which could have been used to grant SD card access.
    Compatibility with that game is unknown. Try and report if it works.

    can we use LAN instead of SD Card?
    It's possible.
    But it will be very slow (800KB/s), even with Ethernet connection.
    Note: It's currently disabled, only SD card is possible.

    Which SD card size are compatible?
    Up to 256GB.

    Do you need to be on spoofed 5.5.0 to play 5.5.0 games?
    But you currently can't play online.
    The spoof is useful if you launch the game from an original disc, to play online.
    Loadiine doesn't have online, so 5.3.2 or 5.32 spoof 5.5.0 are both working the same way.

    Is loadiine region free?
    But some games will require files or folder's name edition to load properly on your region. (US->EU, etc.)

    Can I extract my savegame from the console to use with Loadiine?
    Yes. A save dumper has been released by developer Maschell.

    Can I restore a save into the console?
    Use Saviine too.

    Can I save directly in the console?
    We are currently investigating. It could be a future option added to the loader settings.

    Can I launch games installed on my console or WiiU USB hard drive?
    We are currently investigating.

    Can I use DLC?
    Not yet.
    Unless the DLC are dumped from a console with an already unlocked/bought DLCs and will be part of the /content/ folder.

    Is it possible to play online with loadiine?
    The console is currently thinking you are running Smash Bros or MiiMaker. It tries to connect to these servers.
    It will probably be fixed later.

    Can I use TCPGecko at the same time?
    Yes, a new version of Pygecko has been released to work with Loadiine.
    First load loadiine and select the game to launch.
    Then go to web browser again to load the new Pygecko handler.
    Launch the game and connect with TCP Gecko dot net.

    How do I compress the RPX? Compatibility list tell me to compress it
    The compression should not be needed anymore. Loadiine can now load RPX and RPL files up to 54MB.

    If you really need to (re)compress or decompress a file, here is a tutorial : https://gbatemp.net/threads/399934

    I get a virus warning when downloading Loadiine
    :!: The archives is totally safe.(Logic-sunrise and gbatemp approve it). The alert you will receive is ''false positive''
    The loadiine exploit relies on a known and old browser exploit. Your anti-virus might detect it as a threat, but you don't launch the exploit on your computer, it will be used on your console's browser.

    How to extract the Wud (disc iso file) or the updates from NUS (Nintendo Update Server)?
    DiscU: Extract wud
    NUSGrabber: Used to download the updates from NUS
    Cdecrypt: Used to decrypt the updated from NUSGrabber
    UWizard: All in one tool to download and decrypt files from NUS.
    VGMToolbox: Another program which can extract (more) game's wud files.

    Where do I find the common key and game key to decrypt the wud (disc iso)?
    You can find the common key on google.
    The game keys are usually provided with the game release (in the nfo or in a joint binary file).
    If you need to genearate a binary file from a HEX string, you can read this thread. (Python2.7 required)
    Hexeditor like HxD is also an option.

    Where do I find games?
    This is illegal to download or share games. Please do not ask this question here.
    You need to dump your own games yourself.

    Dumping your games

    To dump your games in Loadiine format, you need two different tools:

    1. TCPGecko: Dump your game content.

    Go to http://wj44.bplaced.com/
    Load WiiU Kernel exploit()
    Load PyGecko (Allows Cheating.)
    Launch TCP Gecko dot net on your computer
    Launch the game
    Connect to the wiiU IP, and use the FSA tab to dump all the game content.

    2. dumpiine: Dump the RPX/RPL files.
    The RPX and RPL files are the executables.
    To dump the files, you need to play the game first to load them in memory, then use dumpiine to dump them.

    The RPX and RPL files will go into the wiiu\games\<gamename>\code\ folder on your SD card.

    Video tutorials

    :!: The videos are outdated and are based on 1.0a only.
    If you want to install your games and use the new releases, please do not follow the videos, read the guide above.

    Video by @Ericzander (please, enable annotations):

    French thread here:


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    Not sure if this breaks any rules :unsure: but regardless I downloaded it thanks.
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    >tfw updated to 5.4.0 to play smesh online

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    New topic?
    Okay then. :P
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    I have to say that smash bros is the only game we can use.

    no,its good.
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    For the loadline exploit, is that something we need to host or does someone have a URL for it?

    How do we dump these files?
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    It contains a published Webkit exploit that can only affect your Wiiu. It's harmless to your computer.
    Windows sees it as a threat only because it was once used to exploit PC browsers.
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    Umm... compatibility list?
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    Can anyone host the loadiine exploit?
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    Its totally safe.(I had it)

    @mary1517 an compability list is in the archive.
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    And what about the RPX/RPL files, how do we dump those or get a hold of those?
    That'd be great if there were ways to backup games.
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    You must decrypt the wud of the game and search for this file
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    For those who have a Wii U with a firmware superior to 5.3.2, here is the jar for the tears, i need more salt water for things.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    What do you mean by dump?

    Extract file,not decrypt.

    Dump a rpx file is impossible with tcp gecko or cafiine.

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    have to go,sorry.(wait few minute).
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    You're wrong because the rpl is inside the wud, that is encrypted with AES-128-CBC
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    How do we use this program if we don't have RPX/RPL files, and where do we get them from? People say we need them from WUD files or something, but there's not much information about that either. I'm so lost -_-

    And we get that how?

    Why is the information on getting these files so bloody vague?
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    I'm trying to dump Donkey Kong Freeze euro with uwizard I have the title key but when I click on extract it just errors on extracting files, any ideas please?
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    Try vgmtoolbox
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    Please make compatible with mario kart 8
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