Gaming not wanted/recognised mini sd on my computer via usb

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Hi Hi ,the problem is a bug in a folder with music when i tried, the thing locks up.i have with one of the early firmware on it. the mini sd card runs on m3dsreal sticked into a ndslite, or just the memory on the t.v. i found there's no space left on the card. here comes my problem: when i connect the card on the pc-usb, it says there's a card found but 0%space and 0% data. but (what's not really as it still does work on certain inputs (that are mostly read only to play media) normally on the pc i could change things on data but now i really havent any chance to get the data backupped. does anyone know a method to rescue the content of my card? (i could try and do a lot of time to play all music and record from/to another in/output way. so i'm wondering if there's an option to change it like get over that checkpoint of wrong data,, and skip into the card? thanks? there must have been what isnt very clear about such problem known by people so if you know pls tell me. (maybe an read only setting for the usb port of the pc? one thing could be possible = i marked all files as read-only... and my pc said unable to read content how/why does an nds do read it or the usb on a modern tv?? greets PieterST. i tried to scan it with recover software. it showed up bad sectors. now to find more with diagnose, and some hope left to drag out content. i noticed when opening a folder the card's always locks when loading it. old command on pc in dos prompt: chkdsk /f >removablestorage drive'(?)' letter got it working with to have access so far again.

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