No Baldur's Gate: for the 3ds.... or...

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    Although this article is about Wii U it makes a point I feel strongly about

    I suspect the affects of this article is exactly why we are experiencng slow 3ds releases and that it may largly be the effects of piracy, but I could be wrong, It's just a strong suspicion of mine. WOuld like to hear your thoughts on this article:

    An article I found on IGN aptly describes why I feel we are getting so few 3ds games right now (besides the expected slow dev time for new consoles....

    Wii U (or even 3ds) Won't Get Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition won't be coming to Wii U, according to the games distributor Beamdog.

    The game is currently being developed for PC, Mac and iPad by Overhaul Games, and is scheduled for a release this summer. But it won't make its way to Nintendo's new console due to Beamdog's past experience working with Nintendo.

    Trent Oster, founder of Beamdog, wrote on Twitter, "We don't do Nintendo development. Our previous experience with Nintendo was enough to ensure there will not be another."

    Oster went on to state, "My problems with Nintendo are: requiring 6000 unit sales before payment, a certification process that took us 9 months and a 40mb limit".

    This bad experience probably stems from his experience porting the third-person shooter MDK2 to WiiWare last year.
    End quote

    Again I think that is why more and more devlopers are no longer offering titles to N for release, though I hope I am wrong. Tactics like this make it diffcult for Indie Devs to get thier brilliant ideas out there.
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    Nintendo used to be b**ches about game production, now still - but not as restrictive.
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    I cannot accept the blame on piracy for anything happening in technology,yes i ve got a flashcart and i ve got 10 original games too from nintendo ds era. see it from a prespective different i live in europe and i know some games ,great games that will be released only to japan and i wont be able to play them.
    on the subject baldurs gate iis a great rpg but as they stated it was nintendo policy that forced them to stop development on their consoles
    and as companys grow greedy we will see days that used games wont resale and no rental of games .
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    Why does this thread have an inconsistent subject matter?

    EDIT: Piracy or Nintendo being gimps to third parties?
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    They decided not to port it to the WiiU (or 3DS) because of piracy and ported it to PC, MAC and iOS???

    Your agrument is invalid...

    EDIT: explenation: WiiU/3DS - not hacked = no piracy, PC/OSX/iOS - hacked to the core... = piracy
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    It sounds like his issue is with how they handle third party games, not the piracy.
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    Computer are practically as hacked as they could get.
    This has nothing to do with piracy, so I have no idea what you are talking about.
    It's just Nintendo not making it easy for 3rd party.
    imo anyone who doesn't get 1st party Nintendo games should just get a 360/PS3
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    This has nothing to do with piracy. This is the devs being bitter and not wanting to work on a nintendo platform after being fucked over by the terrible wiiware limitations.
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    Agreed, nothing to do with piracy but his views on how "Nintendo isn't a good platform for developers", and how he refers to the wii being a toy and not a console.
  10. elisherer

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    I can agree with that...the WiiWare platform was difficult...hope they learned from the experience and give a better framework for developers for future projects...
    we want to see more Nintendo-only games!
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    Nintendo used to require a minimum download (6000 downloads) from their shop before "starting" processing payment to the developers.
    This is why syfyTy said "it's caused by piracy", the games Beamdog developed for the Wii needed 9 months to achieve the minimum payment trigger and thus the developers developed and sold a game which they didn't get any profit for immediately, Nintendo kept the money for them for almost one year.

    The Wii's VC/Wiiware were also limited to 40MB.

    Since the 3DS, Nintendo said (sorry, I don't remember the source) that they are now paying the developers on a selling basis, and they don't require any minimum anymore.
    The download limit is also a lot larger (few Gb).

    So, using this "old" behavior as an excuse is completely wrong.
    Saying "we decided to stop working with Nintendo because we lost faith in them because of their old method" is a thing and I agree, but saying "My problems with Nintendo are" is wrong.
    Nintendo changed.

    In my opinion, it has nothing to do with piracy, it's just that users didn't care about this game.
    I personally didn't bought nor pirated it. It's not a game I'm interested with. Is that my fault they had to wait 9 month to sell enough copy?
    It's not.
    It's Nintendo's fault, not pirate's fault nor legally purchasing player's fault.

    And Nintendo acknowledged this problem, this is why there is now no minimum before receiving money for what third developers are selling, and nearly no size limit.
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    THIS. THIS. THIS. Its a issue that Nintendo fixed. Besides, if he really wanted a dedicated console to have this and hated Nintendos system why isn't on XBLA or PSN? Seems like a stupid dev using Nintendo as an excuse to not put it on any console. Like Cyan said, like it or not Nintendo is changing. Maybe slowly but they are, question is, is it for better or worse?
  13. McHaggis

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    I think the 9 months referred to the certification process and finally getting the game published on WiiWare. So, in effect, they were sitting on a finished game that could have been selling for 9 months, but it wasn't even published.

    I can understand the developer's frustration, but airing your dirty laundry in public isn't going to get you anywhere. As for complaining about the 40mB limit, I don't see how that's relevant for the Wii U when it's clearly because of the Wii's limited internal storage capacity. If developers were unrestricted here, end users would be complaining that they couldn't store enough downloads on their consoles. That's clearly a fault in the Wii's design, but that's an argument for a different thread in a different forum.

    I also remember reading that Nintendo were making changes to make the experience better for developers. It might have been more prudent for him to check the procedures for developing downloadable software for the Wii U before publicly denouncing the possibilities of working with Nintendo again. Scenario: 2 years from now, developers are praising Nintendo for the changes they've made and Beamdog decide they could make a lot of money from the platform. They approach Nintendo, who say "sorry, we only work with developers who can maintain a professional demeanour at all times". That would be rather fitting.

    I enjoyed MDK but never played the sequel and never really felt like I was missing out. Baldur's Gate was also fun, but neither am I desperate to play the Enhanced Edition.
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    This is what I see.

    Developer, who knew about the situation and problems beforehand (how could a developer not?), did the project anyways. Now he's complaining about said problems and that it is Nintendo's fault. Not saying Nintendo didn't have some fault, but his reaction to the situation is rather childish. He's like a kid who goes to get some ice cream, is told they only supplies flavors that he doesn't like, buy ice cream anyways, eats it, then makes a hissy fit and blames the vendor because he paid for and ate ice cream that he disliked.
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    the title of this post mentions piracy but the direct quote discusses nintendo's policy of selling a number of units before payment. you are making an assumption and linking two topics which are only related through speculation. the title is misleading.

    further more, the title mentions the 3ds. i do not recall ever reading that this game was planned for the 3ds. you can not compare the 3ds to the wii-u. its like saying that something cancelled on the wii will not come to the dsi. how can you even make that correlation?

    -another world
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