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  • hi Elisherer, I've sent you an email about my questions and finding. but i found out i've missed one point just after it went away..Please take a look in the Analysis Result, I find two very big odd number that attached to the signatures in TMD, which i think can not be any type of signatures. Why is that there? Could it be the product of two big prime numbers?
    hey, hi :D
    um..i saw one of GBAtemp members hawe one of these http://i.imgur.com/7YrCC6W.png
    so i was wondering how did dhey made one of those, and he told me to contact you, he said that you hawe some software for that :)
    if you could share it with me, it would be cool ^^
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    NinStar @ NinStar: in portuguese this word is actually a overused slang to refer to vaginas +1