Nintendo switch after market fan

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    I’m curious if anyone knows the actual rpm max fan speed for the switch cooling fan or if anyone can point me to a after market fan that’s way faster/efficient for the switch I know people will say bla bla the switch barely over heats only in dock if left there for long periods and you can do the dock mod but I’ve modded my dock with a shell of eBay to make my dock super compact and just wanna give my switch a little more air quality pulling into it to overclock to higher clocks speed or maintain max clock speed possible with minimum heat issues
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    Jun 21, 2019
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    Problem is that Nintendo Uses proprietary Fan, it's close to impossible find a fan that will not make ur system looks like Frankenstein....

    The first step would be to remove copper foil between CPU and heatsink, and use good termal paste(Like Arctic 7) both between CPU and heatsink and Between heatsink and a cover plate, it helps big time.
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    The stock fan has a max speed of around 10,000-11,000rpm, which is more than adequate and will almost never be reached