Nintendo 3DS Firmware 3.0.0-5 Released

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    Today Nintendo updated the firmware for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, Europe, and the US. Version 3.0.0-5 comes with a large number of major new features as well as some minor ones-

    3D Video Recording
    3D Stop motion/timelapse recording
    Enhancements to Streetpass including Find Mii II / Streetpass Quest II and new puzzle swap panels
    Ability to download limited time demos for retail 3DS games from the eshop
    You can now purchase Downloadable content for games
    Ability to download files while in sleep mode
    Software can now be transferred between multiple 3DS systems
    Accomplishments (Nintendo's "achievements", limited to Streetpass Mii Plaza for now but will likely expand)
    QR Code function improvements
    Improved online
    Nintendo Zone
    Improved system security (blocks some flashcards)

    For people with a Japan region 3DS, you can check out a free limited play demo of Monster Hunter Tri G, Cooking Mama 4, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Puyo Puyo, and Crayon Shin-chan 3DS. All are available on the Japanese eshop (hopefully demos will be available in other regions as well). However, this update also blocks some flashcards from working, check the list below to see if you're affected:

    Confirmed Working Flashcards-
    - R4i Gold 3DS Card (1.51B)
    - R4i Gold Plus 3DS Card (1.7)
    - Supercard DSTwo (Firmware 1.13)
    - iEvolution (in DSi Mode) (2.3)
    - Ace3ds (07.12-2011 3.0.0-5 update pack)
    - Supercard DSONEi
    - R4iTT black (
    - acekard 2i (1.8.9) (3.0.0 firmware update)

    Confirmed Non-Working Flashcards-
    - DSTTI
    - EZFlash-Vi (v106)
    - R4i-SDHC 3DS (1.47B)
    - M3i Zero
    - R4iTT purple (
    - GEI (Galaxy Eagle v3.6)
    - R4iDSN
    - R4i-Gold 3DS (1.56b)

    If your flashcard is listed under non-working, you may want to refrain from updating your 3DS firmware until a fix has been made for your card. Please check the source and ongoing discussion link for more information about flashcards, the update, and how to upgrade your 3DS' software.

    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] On-Going Discussion
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