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Nov 7, 2009
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So, I have a soft-modded 3.(4 maybe? not sure)U running cIOS38r14. I've got both CoverFloader and USB Loader GX installed (latest version). (Over the course of my trial and error modding, I've also installed cIOS36r10, cIOS 223, but the last-run install was the cIOS38).

The other day I went out and purchased the Rock Band 'Beatles' guitar, since it's the only name-brand guitar for the wii that is compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero gamelines. Unfortunately, after trying it with multiple games (such as GH3, GHVH, RBLego), I'm unable to get the game to recognize the guitar.

I've followed the instructions from the guitar. The USB drive and wireless adapater are in the correct slots (I think, anyway: drive on the outside-facing port, guitar adapter on the inside port). Like when sitting in the Wii menu, when the game (GH3 for example) loads, the lights on the adapter and guitar begin flashing, and then come to a stand-still. I find it odd that the light remains on in the guitar, yet none of the 'player controller boxes' are lit up. (You know, the 4 boxes that tell you which controller you're holding?) Now if I do what the instructions that came with the guitar tell me to do, press the button on the adapter, then press the button on the guitar.. the adapter just shuts off, and wont come back on.

So before I press the button, shutting off the lights, I tried using the guitar at the title screen and nothing happened. I tried starting a game, and it wasn't recognizing the controls.

I would love to know how to get this guitar working with these games so I didn't just waste $100 on a controller I can't use. All help is appreciated.


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