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Oct 26, 2007

"Is Persona PSP is remake? An enhanced port? Look at the additions and decide for yourself. The first thing I noticed was the new battle interface. It looks more like Persona 3 with the character portraits on the bottom and moon icon in the top right hand corner. Here’s a comparison screenshot.


Japanese retailer Rakuten also has a list of revised features for the PSP version."

QUOTE said:
* New animated movies done by studio Kamikaze Douga.
* Rearranged soundtrack done by Shin Megami Tensei composer Shoji Meguro. Yumi Kawamura who sang in Persona 3 will do vocal tracks for Persona.
* Supports 16:9 widescreen mode with a new user interface.
* Additional dungeon floors have been added to the Sebek Chapter (main story) and Snow Queen Chapter. Watch out for new elements and tricky gimmicks.
* Rebalanced gameplay with a tweaked encounter rate.
* Considered to be more “user friendly” since players can pick the level of difficulty.
* Battle loading times are 2/3rds faster compared to the original. During enemy encounters animations can be skipped. Sounds similar to Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.
* Extra save points are added as well as a quick save feature.
* A revised city map with a top down view and highlighted landmarks. The original Persona had a simple 3D over world map similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.


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    Veho @ Veho: Ah, yes, portrait mode, surely the best way to film a row of people. If only there were some way...