Hacking Neogamma error 1208 / 03023a00 after Skyward Sword


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Feb 10, 2009
United States
So, I tried loading up a flawlessly burned copy of Skyward Sword today with Neogamma R9, Beta 46, and when it loaded, I got an error 1208. So I thought, okay, i'll just pop in another game and try re-burning later.

But nope, every single game that worked perfectly prior to that, now give me the 1208 error.

The next step I tried was downloading a new copy of Neogamma, this time R9, Beta 56. Still no go. Now it gives me error 03023a00 (which is essentially the same as error 1208 on other versions of neogamma, I found out)

Please don't say that I need to use better quality media or that somehow all of my discs magically went bad, because that makes no sense.

I fear that the releases of Skyward Sword for Wii out there had some sort of malware put in ther by Nintendo to "brick" or render our copies of Neogamma useless and make them stop functioning, because before this, all of my burns worked flawlessly.

Can someone please give me some advice/assistance?

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    Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo: @BigOnYa, Lol I bought a new USB card reader thing on AliExpress last month for I think like 87...