Need help with this flash cart (R4iTT New Sticker)

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Hi, i actualized my 3ds just a week when the actualization came up, i know everyone says that we should not actualize our 3ds until is known that it works on the new system menu, well i made a mistake when i was looking, there is a new card and in "Pong updates" says that the "new card" was working but my card is "new sticker", well i tried TTsmenu because (Wood do not works on this thing), but also TTsmenu does not work. Is there any chance to make this thing work again?

    I hope any of you could help me with this. Thanks in advantage.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
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    The term we use in English is generally "updating" the 3DS, which means putting it on the latest firmware version.

    There's two types of updates.
    • Firmware updates are what give the flash cart DSi/3DS update compatibility.

    • Software/menu/OS/kernel updates are what are made for game compatibility.

    YSmenu, Wood, EoS, whatever... NONE of them them can give a cart better 3DS compatibility.

    Updates for 3DS compatibility need to come from the website printed on your cart's sticker. if it doesn't have any, then you can't update it.