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    Region locked PAL it seems. US release was yesterday in <a href="" target="_blank">Need.4.Speed.Hot.Pursuit.NTSC.XBOX360-COMPLEX</a>.
    This release at least according to the NFO is English only, there will probably be other European language dumps later.

    The US release is wave 8 or beyond (requires kinect dash) and has AP25- until LT+ is released (we are told it is well underway) regular hacked DVD firmware users will need a samsung or hitachi drive (you can not spoof it) and may have to update their dashboard manually (on disc is not enough). JTAG users can use the newest freeboot/fbbuild with dashlaunch 2.05 or higher.

    Back on topic most of what needed to be said about this was said for the US release linked above. To spare a click this is the latest game in the need for speed "racing" game (while racing aims to play a part there is far more too it than that) and this one sees a return of police chases as a core game mechanic/activity (supercars too). Comments yesterday more or less amounted to "need 4 speed has gone burnout and that is no bad thing". If you have some how missed out on the series in current incarnations it is a racing game for the Max Power crowd but enjoyable none the less.

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    <b>Video (developer walktrough from g4tv)</b>
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