Hardware Need a little help on How to fix a Dead Wii DVD Drive


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Jul 9, 2009
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Need a little help on How to fix a Dead Wii DVD Drive

Hello, I have 6 Wii DVD drives ranging from D2B to D2E all suffering from the same problem. All except dvd's fine, eject fine, the lasers move back and forth fine, but just do not spin. None show any signs for any attempts of chipping. I ordered a few dvd spindle drives thinking it would be an easy swap. Not was the case, so now I'm thinking there a fuse blown somewhere on drives mobo. Asking does anyone know the fix to my problem, what fuse it could be and if so the value of it, or what needs to be done to repair them thank you.

Most common solution, but not mine.
When a disc in inserted there is 2 metal tabs at the mouth of the drive that lift up to prevent other discs being inserted when its loaded with one already. What happens is one of them or both get bent and sit under the disc making the disc unable to spin, you need to just open it up and bend them back into shape. These tabs are fine the dvd spins when I use my finger, its spins freely.
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