Naughty Bear, Wet both getting sequels

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    Developer A2M announced a rebranding effort today, just as it unveiled a few new games in development under its new name of Behaviour Interactive. The company is promising to continue taking work-for-hire projects, but is also focusing on developing its own original titles.

    Wet 2 and Naughty Bear 2 are the two major multi-platform games in development, both sequels to recent games from A2M. The company didn't share details on either release, but also teased several unannounced games for all three major consoles, DS, Facebook, and a casual MMO. It sounds like the indie team of just under 400 workers is going to be busy.

    "We are and will always strive to be the best and most trusted independent game development studio in the industry," said CEO Remi Racine in the press release. "The change in name is not only a return to our previous name but also an indicator of the evolution of our company. We have developed a strong reputation as a high-quality work-for-hire studio as well as a creator of our own original content and will continue to pursue both sides of the business. The new name reflects the renaissance of the company."

    Both Wet and Naughty Bear received middling scores, citing some limited features and redundant gameplay. But maybe with some more time and the benefit of reviewer feedback, Behaviour will deliver on the sequels and carve out a name for themselves.[/p]

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    I know Wet got some pretty average reviews while Naughty Bear got downright awful ones, why they'd pursue sequels to either is beyond me. I doubt people will be suckered into buying sequels to either game.
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    I thought of pedo bear.
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    What is the point? Both games were bad. Well, I liked Wet more than Naughty Bear.
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    sometimes games just need sequels. look at Red Steel. The first game was terribad, but i greatly enjoyed Red Steel 2.
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    Wet? I only know of 1 Wet called Wet: The Sexy Empire but I have a feeling theyre not talking about this game xD
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    Also that one has already got a sequel or two: offtopic
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    Oeh didnt know that ;o

    But back ontopic

    When I saw the Naughty Bear on a trailer I lol'd so Ill give it a shot atleast
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    Personally I quite liked Wet. I can see why some people might not have cared for it (some sections were very annoying and QTE ending on a fight that the game had been building up for the entire game........ the less said about that the better) but I have certainly had worse games put in front of me and been told they were good (looking at devil may cry).
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    Well, if the cost of making a sequel for either game versus what they can make from those games allows them to even just break even, there's incentive for them to push those games into production. In the case of Naughty Bear, that thing probably cost peanuts to make. They've got an engine and assets already created. It wouldn't surprise me if they simply opted to publish a sequel as a downloadable title. Wet, on the other hand, has an appealing protagonist, and with a few tweaks, it could be an IP that picks up steam.
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    Didn't buy the first one, must likely won't buy the sequels
  11. Maz7006

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    Naughty Bear was a waste of a dual layer - it doesn't even deserve to be pirated

    - Wet - why the hate? i liked it, not visually that well but then again liked the whole running jumping, shooting and such. Honestly all it needs is some dusting off, poliush up the the visuals, and controls and voila.
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    So we hav the possibility of naughty bear DS? This wud b vry awesome!