My Ez 3 in 1 finally arrived !

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Well, my Ez Flash 3 in 1 Expansion finally arrived yesterday.

I've done a little testing so far and must say: it works really well ! Yeah, I had some problems with 5 saves that don't want to get converted from my former M3 to Ez 3 in 1 Format, but I guess it is just a matter of time until I will get them to work somehow.

So here is a rundown on quality and performance:

- Build Quality is kinda nice, even though I don't understand why you can look into the cart so it will cover dust

- Compatibility with Gba Games is high, as expected but the Sram Patching is a bit annoying
- Rumble Pak Support is superb ! A bit Metroid Pinball with Rumbelfunction can be VERY fun (I can't wait until more games support this
- The Expansion for the Opera Browser works very good too !
- Constantly writing to NOR is also a nice feature.

Overall it's a pretty cool card for the price

I can recommend it and Totalgba

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