Mount the PC as a USB WBFS partition

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by opius, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. opius

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Hi. I don't post very often, but after discussing the state of the homebrew with several non- modders, I came across a very interesting question. I've been using a slew of the various new configurable USB loaders with little to no trouble. I'm also running my WBFS partition on a 120 gig maxtor one-touch. It's a good setup.

    The question that came up was: Is it possible, with a crossover USB cable, to somehow mount the PC as a WBFS partition? I'm assuming the only way would be through some kind of daemon/emulation of some kind.

    I snooped for a while. Maybe my google-fu is weak, but I can't seem to dig up anything remotely similar to this. So then.. Is there anything remotely similar to that?
  2. Dr. Clipper

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    Aug 28, 2007
    I think you'd be much better off trying to mount it as a FAT partition with Configurable at first.

    You probably would need something running on the PC, but I don't know what. Any program out there that makes a PC emulate a USB drive should work as the go-between on this, if such a program exists.
  3. opius

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Sorry. It's been a longish kinda day. You know those kinds of days where at the end you don't make sense any more?

  4. omgpwn666

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    That sounds like a difficult task... But if its on a "FAT" both can understand,then can possibly work. As Dr.Clipper said anyways,try that.
  5. sleeepy2

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Don't think it is possible.
    I was looking for a way to use my old pc as a usb hard drive enclosure. way to much work to even consider.
    So I would guess the same would apply.
  6. giantpune

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    Apr 10, 2009
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  7. ether2802

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    Ohhh damn you beat me to answer exactly that....!!! [​IMG]
  8. PsyBlade

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    it is possible
    linux at least contains all the needed programs/drivers

    the hard part is getting the hardware
    u need usb device controller not the normal usb host controller
    they are used mostly for usb devel

    flatmii might be cheaper
  9. Cyan

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    PSP scene has a USB win32 (win64, and OSX too) driver Remote->Host converter (connected devices sees what is on the PC, and not the PC to sees the data from other devices), and the PSP runs a homebrew (USBIsoLoader) which look at the USB instead of the Memorystick.

    The software is called USBHost, by TyRaNiD

    I don't know if it can be used as-is with the Wii. Maybe the USBloaders need to send a command to usbhost_fs first to mount a specific folder.
    I don't know either if it need a NTFSlib on the loader first, most certainly, so only FAT32 partition would work.
  10. rctgamer3

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    May 5, 2008
    Use wbfsdriive [​IMG]
  11. ffireflyy

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    Nov 16, 2009
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    You indicated that you have the Maxtor OneTouch 120GB setup. Is your drive the original drive with the button at the front? Did you do anything special to get it to work? My Wii mounts fine with my WD Passport drive, but I cannot get it to mount with the Maxtor OneTouch 120GB. I created the primary partition, set it to active, and formatted with the WBFS manager. Did I miss something? The Maxtor HD comes with some built-in software for that one-touch backup. Did you do anything to it?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
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